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Actions of the project

The project is divided into 5 Types of ACTIONS

Actions A: Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans

  1. Implementation of an Integrated Territorial Information System (SITI) for the conservation status of terrestrial and marine habitats and target species.

  2. Implementation of marine-coastal SCIs and implementation of an Action Plan for the Natura 2000 network of the coast of the Abruzzo.

  3. Preparation and updating of the management tool of the Natura 2000 Network and implementation of an Action Plan for the southern coast of the Republic of Cyprus.

  4. Executive projects.

Actions C. Concrete conservation actions

  1. Protection of dune habitats.

  2. Propagation of native species with the support of the Mediterranean Botanical Garden of SIC in Marina di Vasto.

  3. Bioreconstruction of coastal dunes with biomats and planting of psammophilic species.

  4. Eradication of Acacia saligna species and planting of Mediterranean scrub species.

  5. Delimitation and conservation of habitats 1110 and 1170 by means of the installation of floating buoys and ecological moorings.

Actions D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

  1. Monitoring of target habitats and of a Decision Support System (SSD) and evaluation of the effectiveness of safeguard measures for marine habitats through the use of specific indicators.

  2. Socio-economic monitoring.

  3. Monitoring of ecosystem services.

  4. Compilation and periodic updating of the performance indicators table (KPI).

Actions E. Public awareness and dissemination of results

  1. Planning and execution of dissemination activities.

  2. Information and awareness raising activities for the general public, schools and stakeholders.

  3. Transferability and replicability of the project results at European level.

Actions F. Project management and monitoring of project progress

  1. General project management.

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